The printable canvas shoe

Over the past few seasons sneakers have evolved from being strictly sporty to fashion forward. Make the most of this trend, take a classically styled sneaker and make it unique to open up new business opportunities.

SG Footprints printable canvas shoes are made to be decorated, so make them your own with full digital print, transfer or embroidery. Featuring decoration opportunities on both sides of the shoe and the tongue, just add your brand, promotion, image, pattern or personalised message to create totally exclusive footwear.

Or just wear them as they are, they look great for any occasion!

Available in high top and low top versions for adults and juniors in a broad range of sizes, each pair is delivered in its own shoe bag, adding a touch of retail flair to these high quality shoes. A range of coloured laces is available to add even more opportunities for customisation.

There’s no limit to what these shoes can do, so let your creativity run free and make your own footprint!

From sports clubs to corporate events, promotions to college wear, retail to tourism, SG Footprints offer you a range of possibilities to develop your business, in whatever way suits you. Create the branded shoe for your customer’s next exhibition team wear, develop unique artistic prints for online retail, ensure your local sports team makes the best impression – it’s all possible.

High Top
Low Top



The only limit is your imagination foot